Books index

Listed here are a selection of books that I found useful for my art history course. You will find that your tutor will give you a guided reading list and this set of books is meant to compliment that list.
The list comprises of two sections, the first are what I consider to be essential books, ie ones I used all the time thoughout my course many of them were recommended by my tutor. The second are books that I found useful for research but if you wish you could probably find in your college library if you do not want to pay for them. The books cover all aspects of art history not just artists but also asthetics and art history writers.
All the details are correct in the books I have and I am not responsible if, for example, the ISBN for a book is different for that found here.
I do hope you find this list useful to you happy reading.
Essential Books
Title Author Publisher ISBN
The Story of Art E.H. Gombrich Phaidon 0 7148 3247 2
Nineteenth Century art, a Critical History Stephen F. Eisenman et al Thames and Hudson 0-500-27753-2
Art History and its Methods Eric Fernie Phaidon 0-7148-2991-9
Useful Books
The Life and works of Gainsborough Linda Doeser Paragon Book Service Ltd 1-57335-031-1
The Life and Works of Goya Janice Anderson Parragon 0-7525-1126-2
Romantic Art William Vaughan Thames and Hudson 0-500-20157-9