Alessandro Algardi - Nationality - Italy

Beheadng of St Paul
Bust of Pope Innocent X
Bust of Camillo  Pamphili
cardinal giovanni Garzia Mellni
an executioner
Beheading of St Paul
Bust of Pope Inocent X
Portrait of Camillo Pamphili
Cardinal Giovani Garzia Mellini
An Executioner
portrait of gaspare mola
heracles and the hydra
st john the evangelist
StJohn the evangelist
Portrait of Gaspare Mola
Heracles and the Hydra
St John the Evangelist
St John the Evangelist
laudivio zacchia
st mary magdalene
St Mary Magdalene
meeting of Leo I and Atilla
olimpia pamphili
Laudivio Zacchia
St Mary Magdalene
St Mary Magdalene
Meeting of Leo I and Attila
Portrait of Olimpia Pamphilj
st paul
st philip neri
tomb of pope Leo XI sleep
St Paul
St Philip Neri
Tomb of Pope Leo Leo XI
two saints
vision of st nicholas

Two Saints
Vision of St Nicholas

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