Bacchus, Ceres and Cupid
Hans Von Aachen

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Three gods Bacchus the God of wine, Ceres the nude woman, goddess of agriculture fertility and mother love and Cupid. God of love. the baby Cupid has a basket of fruit in his arms while ceres hands Bacchus a large glass of wine there is a hint of a landscape behind them and the goddess has feathers and flowers in her hair. This image is all about the harvest and fertility, the goddess Ceres is nude and her body is turned towards Bacchus while she herself turns and looks towards the viewer, Bacchus only has eyes for the naked goddess in front of him, his hands upon her with a bunch of grapes which he holds in his left hand which rest on her shoulder. Cupid looks up at them both as if offering the basket of fruit to them, an allegory for a fruitful union. While Ceres is not completely naked she does have a wisp of see through fabric draped around her lower body it is for asthetic sake rather than to hide her form.

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