Deposition of Christ
Agnolo Bronzino

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This painting could not be more different to the other Deposition that Bronzino painted there the colours were dark and sombre except for the Christ but here the colours are lighter and much brighter. Christ still has no injuries from his crucifixion and his skin is as unbroken as if the crucifixion has not touched him in body or spirit. He is lying in his mothers lap who is almost expressionless, though her eyes express her grief and sadness at her sons death.
The people around Jesus are richly dressed and painted in great detail.
Bronzino has included a man who is holding the nails that Jesus would have been crucified with, another holds the jar with the wine and vinegar in that was given to Jesus just before he died. The woman holding Jesus feet has long flowing loose hair and Bronzino could have meant this person to be Mary of Magdalene (she was considered to be a prostitute at the time of Bronzino and generally prostitutes were depicted with long flowing loose hair.)
The angels above the scene carry the cross and the spear which was used to pierce Jesus side the same angel also has the sponge on which the wine vinegar was placed that Jesus was given to drink.
So we are left with a painting with all the elements, from the cross that Jesus died on right down to the small details of the sponge on the stick and the wine jar, Bronzino is telling his audience, most of whom could not read, through the medium of a picture the crucifixion story.